Friends of the Library

What do friends do?

  • Fund raise to support needs that are not attainable through Library funds.
  • Promote the Library within the community.
  • Arrange programmes of special interest to Library patrons.

Friends of Library Logo

Who are friends?

SUPPORTERS of the Thorold Public Library.

CITIZENS who believe in the Public Library and its services.

VOLUNTEERS who want to ensure that resources are available to meet Thorold’s needs.

WILLING PEOPLE who provide their time and expertise to make a great Library even better.

Friends are you and me!

For information on becoming a Friend of the Library, contact the Library at (905) 227-2581.

Membership & Application

Membership is open to anyone at any time.

There are three types of membership; Active, Active No Meetings and Supportive.

An Active member maintains a yearly membership, attends monthly meetings and assists with events hosted by the group such as book & bake sales and other fund raising activities.

An Active No Meetings member maintains a yearly membership and assists with events when available but cannot commit to attending monthly meetings.

A Supportive member maintains a yearly membership and whenever possible, supports the events hosted by the group.


Membership is due at the beginning of each year.

The fee is $10.00 per year.


The Friends host meet and greet events and book and bake sales among other activities.