We’re Migrating!

Good News: We’re migrating! The Thorold Public Library will officially be switching to Evergreen ILS Open Source Library Software with a Go-Live date of Thursday, March 1st, 2018! And while we know you’re simply elated to hear our news, there may be that gnawing voice in the back of your mind that asks, ‘what does this all mean for me?’ Well, to simplify, you’ll be gaining super easy access to titles housed not only here, but at other libraries in what is called the LiNC (Libraries in Niagara Cooperative) Consortium including Niagara College Libraries + Learning Commons, Lincoln Public Library, Fort Erie Public Library, Niagara on the Lake Public Library, and Pelham Public Library (aka, our new besties). We’re pretty pumped. And thrilled to provide you with what we feel will be a greatly improved service system. But it hasn’t been without sacrifice (on our part). Today we were informed that in preparation we will not be receiving any new books between February 16th and March 1st. After a brief meltdown/tantrum amalgam, we cooled off (a bit) and got back on board with this whole transition. The things we do for you!