We’re getting Flipster!

This is exiting! Starting January 1st, 2018, all of our lovely library patrons will have access to online editions of some awesome magazines via our brand NEW subscription to Flipster, the digital magazine service! Flipster is fast, free, and user-friendly! Pictured are only a few of the titles we just finished selecting. We worked hard to try to offer something for everyone. But it was ridiculously difficult to choose, as you might imagine. At one point we were just blindly throwing things in our cart with sheer giddiness. It was only slightly embarrassing that when we had to reconvene to narrow down our selections we were the only ones with an estimated total over $10 000.  We’re particularly looking forward to VegNews!  But if we’re going the guilty pleasure route, then Seventeen. We sure do love those quizzes. Even if the results are always pretty conclusive that he does NOT have a crush on us.  Whatevs.