The Historical Topographic Map Digitization Project

In honour of Canada 150 and the Ontario Council of University Libraries’ 50th anniversary, Ontario university libraries are releasing over 1000 images as part of the Historical Topographic Map Digitization Project. And it’s a pretty cool project. These high quality resolution map scans are from Ontario and cover towns, cities, and rural areas from 1906 to 1977 and were originally produced by the Department of National Defence. They’re now open to everyone to view, use, study, print, explore, or frame above your bed. We don’t know. Maybe you’re really into maps. You can check the project out here: and here: We found it neat to look at the side by side slide snapshots of the Toronto Harbour and get a sense of how time transforms landscapes. But there are so many other great things you can discover for yourself. A fantastic free resource for students, enthusiasts, and all Ontarians really. Make sure to check it out today!