Staff Development Closure – Feb. 28

Perspective is relative. When you’re attending staff development of any kind, you’re always like, “uggghhh, don’t make me do an ice breaker or any kind of role playing skit,” but then when you’re planning┬átraining for others, you’re all like, “would it be too much to have to each participant compose and perform their own song about what customer service means to them? Nah, I think they’d like that”.

We’ll be CLOSED for a Staff Development Day on February 28. Yep, we know it’s a ways off and Family Day is actually before that, but you always (inexplicably) have so many questions that we figure we’ll just put it out there early so you can get your comments out of the way now. What will we be doing? Probably wearing ties and putting papers into and then taking them out of a pile. As pictured.