Our LiNC bags are here!

Our LiNC bags are here! We’re now almost officially part of the consortium with Pelham Public Library, Niagara College, Lincoln Public Library, Fort Erie Public Library, and Niagara on the Lake Public Library. Which is cool cause we’ve never really joined any sort of organized group before. Like there was that “gang” once but that was really kind of a “my bad” situation because they had snacks available and the print on everything was really tiny. And in all fairness, we were planning on getting that tattoo anyway. We also received the location cards to mail out our goods, and in turn receive items that you request from these fine institutions. They’re basically index cards but as a general rule we like to make things into more than they are. Plus if it wasn’t that exciting it makes our having called staff in for an “official unveiling” seem a little silly. And it totally was not.