New issues have arrived!

We picked up our new comic book haul today! Continuing series + a few new subs. Thanks to Mostly Comics for their ongoing guidance. It’s basically the only place we can go and say “I gotta let the people know what Raphael is up to” and get excellent recaps, no strange looks. Long story short: he’s been tearin’ it up big time.

Look out for our new comic book series:

DC Terrifics
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Urban Legends
NEW Fantastic Four

And some NEW issues of continuing favs:

Royal City
Doomsday Clock
Strangers in Paradise
Betty & Veronica
Astonishing X-Men
The Thing and The Human Torch

  Reminder: She-Hulk has been cancelled with the March issue. We actually She-Hulked over the news, so the concept will carry on in some capacity, anyway.