Meditation Classes

We can’t promise that you’ll look half as adorable or be quite as hilarious as this cat while meditating. In fact, we’ll just flat out say it’s never going to happen. But you know what? That’s exactly the point. A meditation practice works to quell the inner chatter and expectation, tame the incessant cycle of thoughts and teaches you to focus on opening your heart to the present moment, as utterly imperfect as it may be. When you really think about it, it’s all you’ll ever really have, so why not enjoy it? Exercising daily mindfulness leads to improved sleep, better concentration, renewed energy, and less stress (both physically and mentally). And we’re here to help you reach those goals with our new Heartfulness Meditation classes, every third Tuesday at 6:30 p.m starting July 18th. All levels of experience are welcome. And did we mention they’re FREE? WHAT?! No way! Register today at the Information Desk and secure your seat!