May Makerspace

You know when another’s experience is so noticeably different from yours that your only possible response is amusement? Yep, been there. We recently heard of a library with a makerspacer in residence. Ha! Not here. Which is why you may hear things like “I JUST CAN’T with this loom anymore!” round these parts. But we’re actually having a lot of fun learning right along with you. Or at least one step ahead of you. Cause that’s how teaching works.  Like today we dabbled in drop spindling with the help(?) of our coworker (you know, the one with the mad drop spindling skillz). She was fairly impatient with us and would periodically go “I know I’m a terrible teacher, you don’t have to tell me!” and we’d be like, “yelling that definitely doesn’t improve the experience at all. Unless a tough love yet oddly inspirational teacher from the movies is what you’re going for . . . is that what you’re going for? Cause I want to be better, but I also want to cry a little bit”. May makerspace schedules are out now!