May Book Club Changes

Some people say we’ve been talking about the SOLS cuts too much. Perhaps everyone else is not talking about them enough? ┬áThat said, we’re open to giving folks a bit of a breather. Just beware, this post will read like a poorly constructed Mad Lib.

Due to (blank) we have had to change our book club selections from here on out. Instead of reading Genova, Vonnegut, and Kidd, we will now be reading Kline, Fallis, and Morgenstern for the month of May. We were able to get these sets via (blank), no longer being able to access them via (blank). If you’re new to book club, please be advised that titles in the original version of our newsletter have changed (due to [blank]), but give us a call and we’ll hook you up with the new ones. Blank blank blank, blank blank, blank blank.

Blankety blank blank.