MasterChef Thorold

Don’t get us wrong. Parents can be great. But we feel like they do the world a significant disservice by being wildly supportive of things their kid clearly does not excel in. Not our parents though. They were always super honest. Even if we’re STILL waiting on the rest of the world to acknowledge how pretty and good at the recorder we are.  We actually know someone whose parents have always led them to believe that their cooking is of ‘restaurant quality‘. And from where we sit there are several problems with that. First off, we don’t know how this universal of quality came about. It’s perplexing. Do you see the kind of places that operate under the guise of a restaurant? And secondly, what happened to something being ‘good’ or ‘ehh’ and leaving it there? That said, we think your kids have potential in the kitchen. And we’re not their mum, so you can trust that we’re being genuine. We’ve seen this throughout our Healthy Kids cooking classes, and it’s the very reason why we’ve decided to put their skills to the test in a super exciting competition: MasterChef Thorold! This all out battle will take place on Saturday, October 21st at 10:00 a.m. After each team produces something at least remotely edible from our array of top secret ingredients, a panel of highly, highly esteemed judges will declare a winning crew that will receive a Nutri Ninja! Seriously. We’re going all out for this thing. And the best news: there’s still time to register your team! All teams must have at least one adult member. But let’s be honest. The real winner here is the panel of brave adults that have agreed to consume whatever concoctions are presented to them. Good luck and Godspeed.