Lucky #49 (and #TPL125)

Some of our coworkers are fond of making odd social media requests for us to consider. Not in general really, but more specifically related to Throwback Thursday (which, keen observers may note, we rarely do – is there any correlation? You be the judge). To give you a sense of these suggestional gems, here are two of our favourites. 1. To feature our own (new and not at all antique) earrings that they said looked like doilies and then to say did anyone remember doilies. AND 2. To feature a doily that someone gifted someone else and then say did anyone remember doilies. Yep. Big doily nostalgia round these parts.

But this! This is one of the very first books ever to grace the Thorold Public Library’s shelves (49th, to be exact) and deserves some acknowledgment. This edition of the Poetical Works of John Keats was printed in 1895. And we paid a whopping .45 cents for it! Which we like to peg as the start of our downward book spending spiral. It would be nice to reminisce about the number of patrons that checked out this collection on its back index card, but unfortunately someone dropped the ball (big time) and it now houses the history of another title, The Select Poems of Robert Browning. We’re now much more careful about keeping a title’s info intact because we can only assume someone in 2152 will need to pass on those deets in some kind of hologram or something.

p.s. TPL was coincidentally established in 1895. Join us in 2020 for #TPL125!
p.p.s. anyone out there remember doilies?