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Booyah! We’ve reached 700 Facebook* likes**. Which, yes, is something other institutions did a long time ago, but we’re on average 8-20 times smaller, so we’re gonna have our moment here. We couldn’t have done it without you. And that’s actually the first time we’ve said that genuinely. You’re literally the numbers that make up that 700. As a thank you, we will be featuring a different one of our peeps in a special post, every day for the next 700 days. Nah, that’s daunting. Plus, there are probably going to be at least three that drop immediately following this announcement to put us at a paltry 697.  Just to skew our victory. If roles were reversed, we’d definitely be tempted. Anyway, muah muah. We truly appreciate the support. However fleeting.


*we’re also on Twitter and Instagram

**special thanks to Facebook for badgering us with this hot info