Adam Shoalts is coming!

When we were recently (not at all binge) watching The Good Place and the character Chidi admitted that he suffered from ‘directional insanity’ we immediately searched the term, near giddy with the prospect of putting a name to our condition. Now if we could only find the term for lack of know-how, dexterity, and wanting our soy green tea latte within arm’s reach, then we can explain to you why we’re not an adventurer the likes of Adam Shoalts. Called one of Canada’s greatest living explorers, Shoalts is the author of Alone Against the North: An Expedition into the Unknown and A History of Canada in Ten Maps. The geographer/historian recently embarked on a 4,000 km solo journey across the Canadian arctic. And he’s coming to talk to us about his travels on Saturday, October 21st at 2:00 p.m.! This is going to be a big one, folks! Admission is $5 and registration is now open. We feel like we’ll have a lot of talk about. He is sponsored by MEC. We went in there once and perused the yoga wear. Didn’t buy anything, but that’s not the point. We could go on with the life parallels, but we’ll stop here and give you a chance to drop in or call and let us know you’re coming.