New Stock at the Little Library shop

LOTS of brand new, amazingly priced, and locally handcrafted knitwear is currently available in the Little Library Shop. Only $6 for an adorable hat and scarf set! All proceeds go to Friends of the Library, which then goes in to supporting library programs and services. Bizzy is really into this whole homegrown movement. Even ordered a Buy Local bumper sticker for his Peugeot.

ACN: Holiday Twig Trees

We wouldn’t even consider this amount of prep work for any other program. In fact, for children’s events, we often go to the kids, “I thought you were bringing the supplies . . . Bobby, did you not take care of the supplies?!” and Bobby is all like, “whuuuuuuuuuu . . . ?” But Adult craft Night is a special group. Holiday Twig Tree sessions run Dec. 6 & 13 at 6. Still a few spots left in the second night. Call to join. 905-227-2581

Winter Fairy Garden workshops

At first E.T. thought these adorable little cottages might be for him. He walked a little closer, thought it was maybe an off-in-the-distance/scale issue. But it wasn’t. They’re actually part of the teeny tiny supplies for our cutesy wootsy Winter Fairy Garden workshops, Dec. 15 (children) and 18 (adult).

$5 fee, registration is required 905-227-2581

Program Attendance Reminder

Feels like all we do anymore is lay down the law. We gotta stop meeting this way.

Two of our biggest pet peeves of all time:

1. The expression pet peeve 

If you register for a program, attend the program. If you discover that you can’t attend the program, phone us to let us know you won’t be attending the program. Not so much worried about our time and effort (though there’s that), what we’re more concerned about is prospective participants being turned away or waitlisted because the program is “full”. Kids that want to learn to cook, adults eager to craft, etc, etc. Some people are fantastic with the system and we truly appreciate that effort. 😘 But if you’re not, and you continue to ruin it for everyone, no one will get recess ever again.

DIY Cat Scratchers

Sometimes the greatest of ideas are not fully appreciated in their time. Today we were asked why we insisted on saving all the book jacketing rolls. To host a ridiculously awesome DIY cat scratcher program, obvs. Were then simply asked to store materials in office, to which we replied, “I feel like you’re not fully getting how great this is gonna be”.

November/December Newsletter is out

Hot topics of conversation amongst Adults:
– How tired you are
– How busy you are
– How the busyness makes you tired
– How when you stop being busy for a moment, you feel the tiredness (which you also totally felt while busy)

Adult Craft Night helps you relax. As does Wood Carving. And Winter Fairy Garden making. Check out the new newsletter already. It’s all in there.

Tech Lessons Available by Appointment

Sometimes you go along doing something and you don’t immediately realize the greatness of it. Like our computers lessons*, for instance. The other week we were teaching a patron some super basic internet skills/popular sites and she wanted to see how she’d view a cat video on youtube, so we did, and then suddenly thought, ‘Ahh. So this is Living the Dream’.

*half hour tech help available by appointment 905-227-2581

Countdown to #TPL125

It’s only (update) 404 days until our 125th birthday in 2020! Which naturally leads to some reflection since we spend the majority of our waking hours here, with these people, who, FYI, recently concluded a stirring debate about ADHESIVES because one of them asked for a TAPE RECOMMENDATION.  No, don’t send help. We like it here. #tpl125