Self-Serve Interlibrary Loan

Requesting an Interlibrary Loan

Once you’re sure that Thorold Public Library does not have the book you’re looking for, you can request an Interlibrary Loan either in person through the Information Desk or online from home.

How can I sign up for Self-Serve Interlibrary loan?

You will need a valid Thorold Public Library card and an Interlibrary Loan patron record created in the INFO system by Library staff. To register, provide your full name, address, home phone number and library card number in an email with the subject “Self serve loans” to: Or visit the library and register in person at the Information Desk.


To begin:

1. Remember if you want to use self-serve Interlibrary loan you must be registered by Library Staff.

2. Click on INFO to access the self-serve interlibrary loan website.

3. Select English or French

4. Sign in using the last 6 digits of your library card and your password.

5. Select Thorold Public Library as the Authentication Service and click on the Login button.

To search for your book:

1. Choose SOLS Niagara Peninsula [shared] as your current profile.

2. In the search term box, type in the title of the book and the author such as ‘art of racing in the rain stein.’ No matches from the SOLS Niagara Peninsula [shared] profile? Select a different profile.

To search for a specific subject:

1. Click on Advanced Search.

2. Type in the subjects. For example, if want to find psychology books on mother daughter relationships. You would put mothers and daughters as a subject heading, select and type in women psychology as your second subject heading.

To request your book:

1. In your search results, click on the title of the book.

2. Click “Get it!”

3. A request page will appear. Click on the Request button either at the top or bottom of the form and your request will be issued.

4. A confirmation that the request was successfully submitted will appear. Your request will be assigned an identification number. You do not need to print or write down the identification number as you can browse through your requests anytime online.

To check the status of your request:

1. Under “My Account” select My Requests. This list includes your currently active interlibrary loans that are not yet ‘completed’.

2. Click on the title of the item to see your request in more detail. Below are terms that you will see:

  • New: The request process has not started
  • Pending: The process has started but your request is still pending action from the lending library -Shipped: The supplier has shipped the item
  • Received: The item has been received at your library and is being processed. Please wait until you are notified to pick up your item.
  • *This is only a selection of the complete status list. For a complete list, please see the User Guide available below.

To cancel your request:

1. Go to “My Requests” 2. Click on the title of the book you wish to cancel. 3. Click cancel on the top right of the screen. A detailed screen will appear. Click “Cancel Request” at the bottom of the page. The Cancel icon appears when the status is “New” or “Pending.” 4. If the Cancel icon is not there and you wish to cancel your request, please contact the Library by phone (905-227-2581) or email (