Fred Campbell Index Coming Soon

Aren’t class pictures the best? Yes, answered everyone not in this particular example. Just one of the many photos our coworker is cataloguing for our massive online local history index. Fun Fact about this Fred Campbell Collection: It was the first thing one of our other coworkers wanted to save during a flood. Yep, a flood. You may remember us documenting “The Time Our Office Flooded” (i.e. when we temporarily roomed with yet another coworker that happened to listen to a radio station that played that cake by the ocean song 5-36 times per day. When we eventually moved back, she was distraught – as were we when we realized we had, in fact, learned the words). Anyway, our office used to house this Fred Campbell Collection – now stored in our ‘Fred Campbell Room’ (genius move) – and these boxes of memorabilia were her main concern. We were OK – thanks for checking. Long story short, Fred Campbell Index coming soon.