Curbside Pickup

Curbside Pickup FAQ

Q: When can I start calling to reserve my curbside pickup slot?
A: Please read the poster carefully. Don’t call us, we’ll call you (but we actually will this time).

Q: How exactly is the curb involved in these pickups?
A: Unfortunately, it does not play as great a role as originally thought. Expect a lot of sulking.

Q: When does curbside pickup start?
A: Our first day of service is Tuesday, June 2nd.
Ok, I’ll take Tuesday at 10.
Nope. Please reread the poster and regroup at Step 2.

Q: That’s a lot of steps. Can I skip any?
A: Unh-uh. It’s kind of a package deal. We actually reworked our 37-prong approach to present you this more streamlined version. If it still seems overwhelming, consider pondering one with each meal.

Q: Does contactless pickup include no eye contact?
A: As long as you are 6 feet apart, you can make eye contact for a maximum of three seconds. Anything longer and it gets weird for everyone.