Closure FAQ

Q. Is the library open?

A. No.  The library is closed, and all in-library programs and services are suspended until further notice. 

Q. Are you offering curbside pickup?

A. Yes. Find more information about this service here.

Q. Do you have any online programs running during this time?

A. Yes.  You can find a whole schedule of events here.

Q. I have library material still out.  What should I do with it?

A. Our bookdrop is now open to return your material. Patrons will not be fined for material kept over the closure.

Q. Are my items accumulating fines?

A. No.  Patrons will NOT be charged fines for items due during this time.  

Q. I received a due soon or overdue notice.  What should I do?

A. Some notifications were sent out in error during the first week of closure.  There is no need to respond or contact us.  Notification errors have been corrected and patrons will not be fined for items due during this time.

Q. Does my library card work online?

A. Yes. You can check the status of your account and/or browse any of our e-resources via our website: Don’t have a library card? Register for one here.

Q. I have a question not listed here. Can you help me?

A. We’ll try. For program or e-resource questions, please email For all other inquiries, contact