Computer Appointments

Anyone else preparing for computer appointments and then go, ‘Wow, these Keep Away signs are great. Shoulda got these a long time ago . . . . . . Oh no, I get the actual point’?

Computer access starts July 13th. Call to book: 905-227-2581. And then let the people without internet know, because this is clearly the worst announcement + advertising medium combination of all time. 👏 . . . . . . . 👐 . . . . . 👏 . . . . . . . 👐 . . . . 👏 (that’s the emoji equivalent of incredibly slow claps)

More on computer appointments here.

New Take ‘n Make

This week’s free Take ‘n Make kit is a pufferfish. Order yours by messaging us on social media or emailing Since we generally get 16.5 follow-up questions per single announcement, we’re gonna try to anticipate some faqs right now.

Does the puffer come with?

What about the fis-

How do I request one?
The above method.

What did you call this fish?

Is it real?
Well, this one is paper and toothpicks – but it’s a play on an actual fish, yes.

How much?
The above price of $0.

Does that include tax?
Umm . . . no?

Does the puffer come –
Nope. You already asked that one. Puffer comes with.

Library Card Renewals

Yeah, so we should probably just start reporting on notices we did NOT send out in error – save everybody some time. Today we did not unknowingly distribute any ugly christmas sweater party save-the-dates, expired 2-for-1 coupons, or inappropriately timed anniversary congratulations (like, after the couple had already broken up).

p.s. Your library card will be automatically renewed even if you received a renewal prompt this morning. No need to phone or email – unless you want to check in and see how we’re coping. No one ever does that. 😑

Bookdrop Information

Good news: we now have today’s earlier hold notification problem resolved. Please stay tuned for our next setback. In the meanwhile, here’s some important info on bookdrop/returns. Speaking of which, there is a good chance our next fiasco will be bookdrop related. Any other fiasco related guesses?

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