Ancestry Online

Online Ancestry access has been extended to May 31. So if you’ve been dragging your heels with that family tree, now’s the time to act. Maybe you’ll find out that some of your ancestors also left things to the last minute. Or maybe they owned this barn. Needs a little tlc, sure, but there seems to be a secret code on the side there. So that’s a positive.

Access Ancestry via the last tab in your online library account – email for assistance.

TumbleBooks (& more)

Experiencing increasingly peculiar dreams during dramatic times is completely normal. Last night we were called to do a librarian transfer (’cause that’s a thing) with London, England (a natural coupling with Thorold, Ontario). Not sure if you know this, but their common area is just a field of uncut grass, so we finished the shift less jealous than expected.

Ran this through the old dream interpreter and apparently this means that we are afraid you don’t know that our TumbleBooks database also includes graphic novels, videos, language learning, puzzles & games. Well it does. Check it out under the E-Resources tab here on our site. The Thorold one. Apparently we’ve transferred back.


Unlike larger libraries, we have to space our E-resource posts out a bit more to imply quantity. Like, today we’ll promote OverDrive/Libby. And then tomorrow we’ll promote OverDrive/Libby, but on a Thursday. We may even break it up and refer to OverDrive and then Libby and then you’re all, “Oh cool. So that’s two things?” and we’ll have to be like, “Nope. Still just the one”. It’s a really good one though. Libby. And also OverDrive.